the polarization of media planning and buying

I’ve talked a lot about this trend at recent seminars and conference.  While the bulk of what agencies do is ads and audiences, I see that advertisers are increasing wanting to see more activity at the far ends of the spectrum:

The high tech end of the spectrum is a hot bed of activity.  Check out Terence Kawaja’s talk on this.

Does this crazy world matter to anyone outside the display advertising world?  I believe so.  As more media goes digital, what we know about distributing, tracking and optimizating online advertising will apply to OOH, TV.  This will completely transform the media buying business.

No doubt there are hurdles.  The  legacy systems and resources big agencies and media companies contend with make it difficult to profitably “retool” at the pace demanded – plus there’s still lots of manual labour and intellectual leadership required despite the automation you might expect.   The reluctance, particularly in Canada, to invest in what is seen as a smaller piece of the media investment pie holds us back.  (although this does seem to be changing with recent activity at  Bell as an example).   Privacy issues need to be negotiated – are we citizens or consumers?  Rights of way have to be navigated between content producers, rights owners and distributers – the struggle between disintermediation (, YouTube) and vertical integration (Rogers, Bell) will continue.  Fun times!

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