Hi, I’m Maura Hanley, President, BigReach Learning.

I have a passion for discovery and am endlessly curious about a great many things.  What preoccupies me most is understanding the changes happing in digital media and how they are impacting the way people think and act.  I also love to solve problems.  The problem I have spent most of my career on is “how can a brand most effectively and efficiently reach a consumer with a message that will result in more business”.  But it isn’t enough to understand the relationships between media, people and brands.   I love to tell a compelling story – to simplify the complex and share insights and implications.

I have always embraced the complex and rapidly evolving digital media ecosystem.  My first online campaign was at Unitel, sponsoring a bulleting board in 1994.  I launched MBS (now MediaCom) Interactive in 1999, growing it from one of the first digital media teams inCanadato one of the largest.  I was on the Board of Directors and the VP of the Research Council at the Interactive Advertising Bureau from 2004 to 2010.  I am currently on the Advisory Board of the newly founded Location Based Marketing Association. Along the way, my work with clients like P&G, Expedia and TD Bank (and my endless curiosity!) led me to develop expertise in online advertising, search, social media marketing, mobile marketing, location based marketing and more.

Knowing what is possible in digital media is just one piece of the puzzle.  What is really important is understanding people.  My years as a media planner gave me a great understanding Canadian media habits through hands on use of survey and syndicated data.  I gained insight into how demographics, psychographics and lifestyle drive consumer behaviors by getting involved in customer database segmentation.   My work in direct marketing with clients like Sprint, American Express, and Rogers provided learning on how people respond to various kinds of messages in different media.  I continue to dig into and develop research that will lead to new insights about the ‘what” and “why’ at the intersection of people, media and brands.

This blog is about my ongoing exploration of the dynamic world of media and marketing.

My company, BigReach Learning, is about providing training and consulting in integrated communications/channel planning, digital strategy development and marketing performance analytics.

My newest venture, FACESofCHANGE is a research project designed to reach an even deeper understanding of the relationships between media, people and brands and address the need to tell a compelling story.

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